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Miami beat the Jets.

In other news...I forgot about livejournal!

"Any Man Who Knows A Thing,

knows he knows not a damn thing at all."

As we get older we begin to experience the difficulties of life and how to conquer it successfully. We all have our own problems and views, which makes it difficult for people to see eye to eye. We get stuck in our ways, and completely stubborn in our views, sometimes not even listening to others. Claiming we are open minded but really we all have our preset ideals. As humans we all experience and learn at different time periods, and some learn faster how life works.
Love, family, and friends are all important parts of everyone's lives but in different ways. Everyone has different experiences with each subject, some have it good, a happy home, with family and friends who are always there. Some have it the opposite. Unfortunately we can't all be happy simultaneously, some have to suffer while others prevail. Opinions on how things work in a family setting differ from experience, and knowledge. Some will listen to others, some will stay stuck in their own ways.
As people we choose our own future, and how we are going to learn from the present. We have to make tough decisions, about life, love, friends and family. We all have to grow up, and start acting our age, because if we don't, we will grow into people we swore we would never be.

We all live and we all learn from it. The only options we have is to either benefit from it, or never change.



Too much drama. It's dumb.
I personally feel like if someone loves you, they will show it when it counts the most.

My dad: "some people never grow up, and never realize that you have to, to be happy."

I've had better days, in better ways, but the best way to be happy is to not rely on others, cause they always let you down.

yee so

I got in a car accident. My car is trashed. That's whats up. and it all happened on April Fools day.

Now I'm afraid of driving and still have nightmares. I can't talk about my accident without tearing up cause i bring up the images again.

Good job. At least I'm alive.

Adelade "Addie" the Kitten

Martin got me a new kitten, a tortieshell, and is currently keeping her at his house til we move out. =))

I love her to death, she is so freakin cute.


Gang Activity?

Apparently it has been reported that a gang is roaming the streets tonight, targeting women, to kill, in order to be initiated into a gang. Authorities say they are targeting local Walmarts and Targets.

What the hell.
I need to go get myself a gun.
Then they can try to snatch my ass up.
and I'll pull out my 2nd amendment right.
and fuck their asses up, as their initiation into hell.

Stupid illegals.

Now i have to sit here worried about my boyfriend, who is getting off of work soon, from Target, in hopes that their isn't a damn drive by. =(

I love you Martin Calderon. Be safe.

Top Video Games Ever Created: 20

1. Starcraft
2. The Sims (series)
3. Ace Combat (Series)
4. Sonic the Hedgehog (series)
5. Call of Duty (Series, Minus 5, not a fan)
6. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed & Other Star Wars SNES games
7. Ghost Recon (The Original)
8. 007 (Series up until 2006)
9. Mario (Series including Brawl & Melee & Party)
10. Duck Dodgers: The Marvin Martian Missions
11. Zelda (Original)
12. Age of the Empires (II)
13. Tony Hawk (Series)
14. FIFA 2002
15. Donkey Kong (Series)
16. Little Big Planet
17. Crash Bandicoot: Warped Zone
18. Battletoads (SNES)
19. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Las Vegas
20. Pokemon SNAP

Runner ups:
Wave Race 64
Red Alert
Sim City
SSX Tricky

Order is tentative from 6 down.

Tom Clancy's: H.A.W.X

Amazing game, not as good as Ace Combat but its pretty up there. I love playing it and the flight stick is completely amazing.

Flight simulators ftw.



lawl. =)

Dude, I LOVE ACE COMBAT....still.

And it is said that it is almost 100% sure that the Ace Combat 7 will be on PS3 and was only on the xbox originally because the PS3 was released too late, and Namco wanted to release Ace Combat asap.

btw: Martin is the best and I love him.

Being Sick Sucks

but that's why you have a boyfriend to make you feel better.

Approaching 4 months, and everything is going fantastic!
Falling in love more and more everyday.
I feel so sappy all the time, but i like it.

Shellie and Martin ftw. =)



NFL- Miami Dolphins
Attack of the Killer Shellies

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